Customer attraction plays a vital role in any business. You can’t afford to lose your potential customers in these competitive days. So, all you need is to differentiate yourself from your competitors by following some effective guidelines. Here we will discuss a range of elements starting from finding the right market to use of custom boxes wholesale and many more. So, keep reading this blog to get meaningful information.

1) Find the Right Market:

You have to find out your target market for customer attraction. It plays a major role in any business. If you are planning to open up an online store, then look into the demographics of people coming to your website (who they are, their age groups, gender, country) to be able to trust you.

If your product or service is targeted at a specific group of people, then it will help you get more attention from them rather than targeting everyone who visits your site. It’s always advisable that your product be more of a niche than a mass market.

2) Uniqueness:

After finding your target audience, you have to develop some uniqueness about your offer. You have to find out what makes others different from you and how you can be different from those already present in the market. It will help create an identity for yourself and give people reasons to choose you over others.

For example, you want to start selling mobile phones online, so what would make them unique? You could sell refurbished mobile phones or even designer phone cases online. These things will ensure that people view you as a one-stop solution for mobile phone-related needs, which works well without brand loyalty because if someone comes across three websites selling mobile cases, they might just think of trying all and then picking the best.

3) Be professional:

When people are shopping online, they have all the time in the world to compare websites. They will check if your website is clean, easy to navigate, and displays all the information that they want without any trouble at all on your part. Make it a point that your website is free of errors and on top of things as far as SEO and other web-related stuff go. This way, customers will feel more comfortable about spending money with you.

4) Have Excellent Customer Service Skills:

This one probably might sound like an obvious thing after #2 & #3, but this is important enough for me to mention it by itself as well. People always try buying from those sites which offer exceptional customer service before trying their luck with others. If you cannot provide good customer service, then expect that people will buy from your competitor sites who can.

5) Be Flexible with Prices:

People are always in the mood to compare prices before buying anything. This has been going on for centuries now! And it is true even in the world of e-commerce. So, it’s better to be flexible with your pricing rather than having a fixed one. You can also provide special discounts and offers every once in a while, to increase sales during slow periods in your business. Do not forget to advertise these price reductions either because they go a long way when attracting new customers.

6) Use Reviews to Your Advantage:

Make sure that you ask for reviews from your customers after a transaction. You can even incentivize them by providing discounts for next time when they leave feedback on their experience with you. Satisfied customers are more likely to recommend your products and services than someone who has an unpleasant experience. This will surely help you improve your e-commerce business without spending much of your time or resources!

7) Make Your Customers Feel Special:

Many online shopping websites offer regular updates about the latest deals, coupons, and other offers to get what they want at discounted prices. It is essential to go the extra mile and make them feel special to know you value their presence on your page. You can also give away freebies or goodies once in a while so that people who have been inactive on your website know that you remember them and are looking forward to welcoming them back.

8) Social Media Integration: 

Social media is a strong marketing tool for any business. If customers cannot find the items they want on your page, they will certainly visit a competitor’s website since they can easily buy anything online nowadays. Make sure that all social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Instagram have an active link to your e-commerce site so that people do not go elsewhere just because of the absence of information about the latest products/services you offer! This also helps in increasing traffic by exposing them to more potential buyers.

9) Be Order Friendly:

This means offering different options to help your customers place orders. For example, if there is an option to manually order items through your website or contact your company for placing orders, go with the latter. Although it may seem like a tedious process to you, many customers would prefer this method since they can get assistance right away instead of waiting for hours or even days to hear back from you without knowing whether their messages have reached you.

Moreover, use eco-friendly packaging for your goods. Contact Stampa Prints for custom box printing and pack your goods in these boxes. It will increase your profits.

10) Offer Free Shipping:

Who does not love free shipping? Tons of websites offer free shipping provided that customers meet certain criteria such as purchasing specific quantities of goods/services and having a minimum order value. This will give them more reasons to buy from your site rather than other sites which do not offer the same service due to the higher cost of shipping.


You’ve seen what you can do to make your website a more appealing place for potential customers. Now, it’s time to implement the changes and watch your site flourish with increased traffic. The 10 tips highlighted in this article are not the only ones that you should consider when trying to improve your website, but they will certainly help you get started.

Do you have any ideas on how one can improve their website? Share them in the comments section below!

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